Brass Frog Assault of Arms 2024

The 10th annual Brass Frog Assault of Arms will be held on June 21-23th, 2024 in East Haddam, CT.

Over the course of the three day event there will be classes and clinics dealing with the history and unique aspects of Victorian-era weapon systems and other topics.

Tournaments will include: a Team Event (Friday), Dueling Saber (Saturday), and Smallsword (Sunday). As the focus of Brass Frog has always been the classes, tournament participation is capped to ensure more than 50% of the event is devoted to classes.

Our goal for this year, as with previous years, is to host a fairly low key event where some of the country’s best fighters, teachers and researchers can get together and hit each other about the head with sticks and steel and share the Arts we love!

We have big plans for our 10th Anniversary!!

The 2024 Brass Frog Assault of Arms is sponsored by
the HEMA Alliance and Western Swordsmanship Technique and Research

Additional Sponsors