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Come Learn and Play

Longsword Program with WSTR
@ Sword in the Scroll

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Our Instructors

These guys have been doing this badass stuff for years. Our instructors work both with classes and indviduals to help everyone become the best fighter they can be.

Our Classes

Our weekly classes are a fun way to stay in shape, enhance focus and make friends. We welcome all levels. As students become more adept at using the longsword, study expands to other weapon systems.

What is HEMA?

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) refers to documentable methods of armed and unarmed personal and group combat of European origin.

We will never make such good friends as those with whom we have fenced for awhile.

-La Noue, Discours Politiques et Militaires, 1587

Registration Form

The 10th annual Brass Frog Assault of Arms will be held on June 21-23th, 2024 in East Haddam, CT.

Registration Price is $50 for one day or $100 for all three. Registration discount for verified HEMAA members is available.

Additional charges for meals and Lodging at Cave Hill Resort are tallied at the end of the registration process.

Registration is not complete until both the registration form has been submitted AND the registration fees have been received. Additionally, sponsor discount information and tournament slots will not be released until payment for a room for the event Resort (or confirmation of different housing arrangements) has been received.

** Non-binding - used for scheduling purposes. Days are tentative and subject to change until the schedule is finalized.