Equipment Requirements

Quality weapons will be provided for Smallsword and Mixed Weapons. For participants wanting to use their own training weapons please refer to the guidelines below. If you have any questions, please contact for clarifications

Mixed Weapons

This will be a period appropriate mixed weapons tournament. All weapons will be provided. Safety gear must be appropriate for saber. 


Weapons must have blades of no more than 35″ in length. Modern foil guards and French grips may be used. Standard foil and epee blades are acceptable, as are double wide epee blades. Castille smallswords/smarra and blades modified by A&A, Jacob Armoury and Benjamen Arms are acceptable.

Standard No. 2 epee blades mounted on ambidextrous grips will be provided.


All participants *must* have the following to participate in the tournaments:

  • Long athletic pants with no bare skin exposed (fencing knickers with long socks are acceptable – kilts and socks are OK too, provided no skin is exposed)
  • Non-marking athletic shoes
  • Three weapon fencing mask or better with back of the head protection
  • Minimum of a 3 weapon fencing jacket (additional torso protection is encouraged)
  • Men must wear an athletic cup
  • Elbow protection (soft for Smallsword, rigid for Mixed Weapons)
  • Knee protection (soft for Smallsword, rigid for Mixed Weapons)
  • Shin protection (Mixed Weapons only)
  • Forearm guards (Mixed Weapons)
  • Gloves for both hands
      • Smallsword: light leather gloves
      • Mixed Weapons: Heavy hand protection (Lacrosse gloves are the bare minimum)
  • Throat guard

A limited number of loaner fencing plastrons, forearm, elbow, throat guards, and LAX gloves will be available.


The 2022 Brass Frog Assault of Arms is sponsored by
the HEMA Alliance and Western Swordsmanship Technique and Research

Additional Sponsors

Registration Form

The Assault of Arms will be held on June 26-28, 2020 in East Haddam CT

Registration Price is $45 for one day or $90 for all three. Registration discount for verified HEMAA members is available.

Registration is not complete until both the registration form has been submitted AND the registration fee has been received. Additionally, sponsor discount information and tournament slots will not be released until a room deposit for the event Resort (or confirmation of different housing arrangements) has been received.

** Non-binding - used for scheduling purposes. Days are tentative and subject to change until the schedule is finalized.

Please answer even if your first choice was a room with AC. This preference will be taken into account if rooms are full.